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Contact Information

Innovation Centre & BioVentures
173 Innovation Dr.
Bible Hill, NS B6L 2R2
Tel: 902-896-8782  Fax: 902-896-8781

Extension & Food Safety Services
32 Main St.
Kentville, NS B4N 1J5
Tel: 902-678-7772  Fax: 902-678-7266

Website  Food Safety Blog:


Perennia is a fully integrated agri-food and bio-resource company combining the resources of AgraPoint, the Atlantic Bioventures Centre and the Perennia Innovation Centre. Our mission is "empowering the industry by providing knowledge and advice to create value."

The company is comprised of three divisions: 1) Extension and Advisory Services; 2) Quality and Food Safety; and 3) Bioventures, Business and Innovation Development.  Our teams work with clients to address production issues on farm, help them create internationally recognized quality and food safety programs, assist them by offering leased incubation space for new product development, and work with them to conduct research to transform underutilized land- and marine-based bioresources into high-value products like nutraceuticals, functional ingredients and non-food based bioproducts.

Core Services

Innovation Centre
The Innovation Centre is a key component of Perennia Innovation Park’s plan to be the premiere incubator and accelerator for bio-based companies in Atlantic Canada. It houses an environmentally-friendly 25,000 square foot facility supporting the commercialization of primary agriculture and marine-based inputs into high value-chain products. Opened in early 2012, the Centre helps bio-resource companies at all levels of growth — from determining feasibility to producing small product runs and full commercialization. All tenants can customize leased space to meet their unique needs. In addition to leased space, tenants also have access to the facility’s pilot plant, and analytical and product development labs.

Quality and Food Safety Services
Perennia has one of the most comprehensive quality and food safety teams in Canada. We offer services that support agriculture and seafood companies in building and maintaining consumer confidence in their brand by putting in place programs to ensure products are safe to eat. We can also support to your food safety team including: policing of your food safety program; interim support to cover an interruption in on-site QA coverage; mentoring and coaching; facilitating change; pre-audit readiness; and post-audit recovery.

We offer help and training in the following areas:

     GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative)

      SQF (Safe Quality Food)

      BRC (British Retail Consortium)

     GMP (Good Management Practices)



     OFFS (On-Farm Food Safety)

      Product Sensory

      Nutritional Labelling

Crisis Management Label Claims CFIA Regulations
Trouble shooting QMP  


Flexible Leasing  The Innovation Centre offers 13,000 sq ft  which can be custom designed to meet the needs of client operations. The Centre provides great flexibility in lease terms and the ability to expand space as companies grow. Tenants may also access services available from the in-house pilot plant and analytical labs on a fee-for-service basis. Base Rent: $15/sq/ft per year (plus applicable taxes). Electricity costs, internet and telephone set-up is the responsibility of the tenant

Pilot Plant  A 1200 sq ft pilot plant is available for use by clients on a fee-for-service basis. This facility is available for processing agri-food and bio products. An assortment of pilot-scale processing equipment is in place and under procurement for food processes and bio-products. Equipment includes ultrafiltration, freeze drying, rising film evaporation, spray drying, modified gas packaging, vacuum infusion, rapid freezing, filling and sealing technologies. Most equipment is portable and can be moved into location and connected quickly to overhead utilities.

Analytical Laboratory  The Centre offers analytical support (microbial and chemical) to the agri-food and ag-bio industries. In the microbiological lab, our scientists assist clients in identifying potential risks and developing appropriate risk management systems. Staff can also provide assistance with the implementation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs to ensure safe production from start to finish. The chemistry services provide support and testing to identify potential toxic substances in the product.

Food Product Development Laboratory  The Centre is equipped to help clients develop novel food products and processes. The lab is used for formula development, sample production, product re-engineering, extraction and purification of bioactive compounds. Sensory evaluation through tasting panels can be arranged through partner facilities. Sensory analysis is used to measure food attributes such as taste, texture, appearance and odour.

How we work with industry

Quality and Food Safety Services

We take our time with clients to ensure we understand their situation and can provide guidance on next steps. We have many resources available to help us with this assessment including industry contacts, food safety auditors, regulators, facilitators and food safety experts. We prefer to do an on-site gap assessment to scope out the work required. This provides us and the client with an opportunity to identify specific areas where changes are needed.

Once a project is green-lighted, we commit the necessary resources to complete the project. Our projects are rolled out using the ISO Management concept of Plan, Do, Check, Act. Our consultants work with each client to develop a relationship that supports the project goal. We stay active with current customer expectations, audit standards and industry practices to ensure that your food safety program is practical and manageable.

Funding Support

The Innovation Centre can provide advice and support to tenants and clients for access to provincial and federal agency programs that may be advantageous to their corporate development needs.

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Key Contacts:

Laurie Sandeson, Director, Facilities (902) 896-7270 |

Niki Petrie, Director of Quality and Food Safety (902) 678-7722 (EXT 228) |

Richard Ablett, Chief Science Director, BioVentures (902) 893 4152 |

Partnerships & Collaborations

University Linkages
The University Linkages Program actively works to create beneficial relationships between Centre client companies and the Faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie University. Students can become involved with Centre companies through course projects, internships and part-time work. Companies win by gaining access to no or low-cost quality work and access to a future job pool; students gain a valuable learning experience and career development opportunity.

In some instances, opportunity is available to partner with the faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie University and access federal research programs such as NSERC grants to assist development in the of product/process and technology development needs.

One stop shop for Canada's food and bio-products industry.