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Crops and Livestock Research Centre

Contact Information

440 University Ave.
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 

Tel: 902-566-6800  Fax:  902-566-6821



This centre was established in 1909 along with the "Home Farm" which remains in use for test plots of cereals and oilseeds as well as field work on alternative crops. Today, despite its name, the CLRC no longer undertakes livestock research, and has shifted focus to match a national priority of agri-culture and agri-food product diversification, value added growth, environmental sustainability, and the priority on development of a sustainable bio-economy.

The centre is associated with two satellite locations: Harrington Research Farm and the Institute of Nutrisciences and Health (INH) located on the University of Prince Edward Island campus. These locations support research in human health and wellness and the protection of the food supply.

Core Services

The overall research direction for CLRC is to take production beyond traditional commodity-based markets and to open new areas to producers in the Region while maintaining environmental sustainability. The Centre leads research in:

·       Integrated crop production systems and agricultural diversification;

·       Bio-based products and processes from bioresources in existing and emerging crops;

·       Environmental stewardship: improved performance of the agricultural production system.

Research areas (related to value added food & bio-products):

·       Conducting research on the genetic potential of crop species - including wheat, barley, corn and soybeans - so that they can withstand climate stress and produce better yield and quality.

·       Evaluating new potato lines and cultivated varieties that will have a higher yield, improved quality and better resistance to blight. Conducting research on new crops with potential to have value-added bioactive components. Foods with these components could have important physiological benefits beyond basic nutrition.

·       Conducting research on crops with functional food attributes or industrial capabilities such as for biofuels.

·       Bioprospecting from local, regional and national bioresources


Product development kitchen; Rheology and texture laboratory; Pilot plant, fully equipped with computerized retort system; Computer controlled cold storage area; Laboratories for chemistry, microbiology, marine oils, proteins and enzymes and product development evaluations

How we work with industry

All projects are funded on a cost recovery basis, for contract services.

Funding Support

Funding assistance is available through NRC IRAP programs, NSERC industrial assistance programs and similar programs available through MITACs and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

# staff/technical staff


Key Contacts

Director of Operations:  Dr. Maria Rodriguez, Tel. 902-566-6816;;         

Partnerships & Collaborations

Researchers co-located at NRC Aquatic & Crop Resource Development

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