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 Aquatic and Crop Resource Development

550 University Avenue
Building #28
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 4P3

Tel: 902-566-7000


Working with clients and partners, we provide innovation support, strategic research, scientific and technical services.  NRC has just what industry needs: infrastructure, personnel, equipment, experience and networking capabilities.

We offer access to leading technology equipment, research and training programs.  We provide industry with a lower-risk way to develop innovative ideas, reduce start-up costs, and shorten time to market.

Core Services

Technical and advisory services
NRC’s technical services help small and large enterprises overcome workforce constraints and limited resources, accelerating design cycles and helping to identify product performance limits. We have experienced professionals on-site to help our clients solve immediate technical problems associated with the transfer, adoption and diffusion of technology. Our specialized services range from testing and certifications to calibration, prototyping, demonstrations, scale-up and consulting.

Industry Partnership Facility
NRC operates an Industry Partnership Facility (IPF) in Charlottetown, which accommodates scientists from companies demonstrating commercial potential for natural products or functional ingredients with connections to aquatic and crop resource development.

Through the IPF, companies in the early stages of their research program may benefit from NRC’s critical support, including access to specialized facilities and equipment as well as research collaboration opportunities. Residency in this technology incubator helps prepare early-stage R&D companies for their future commercial success.


Companies incubating in NRC industry partnership facilities (IPFs) have access to an impressive array of scientific equipment. In Charlottetown, these fluorescence core and analytical core platforms are primarily designed to aid in activities from the discovery of bioactive compounds to testing using in vitro and in vivo models.

Internal and external clients of NRC’s Industry Partnership Facility in Charlottetown may access specific details about the available spectrometers, imaging technology and other instrumentation.

How we work with industry

Funding Support

NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program;

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Key Contacts

Paul Neima, Tel: 902-566-7444 | Email:

Partnerships & Collaborations

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