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Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre

Contact Information

Saskatchewan Industry Food Development Centre Inc. (Food Centre)
117-105 North Road
Saskatoon, SK
Tel: (306) 933-7555
Fax: (306) 933-7208


The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc. offers one-stop, full service assistance to food processors wanting to add value to their products for domestic and/or international markets.

The Food Centre is a partnership between the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, the Saskatchewan Food Processors Association and the University of Saskatchewan. The range of expertise that each partner brings to the table enables the Food Centre to provide processors with information and technical assistance needed to manufacture a product, get it to market, and maintain a viable operation.

We help producers, entrepreneurs, food processors look beyond to explore different value added opportunities in the food industry. Whether it involves a specific pulse or grain, an exciting recipe that has been in your family for years, or a company looking to expand their market, the Food Centre has a variety of services to take you to the next level.

Core services

  • Product Development
    • The Food Centre provides a variety of product development services and houses a well equipped PD kitchen to develop new food concepts for the market.  Product development involves building on an idea or existing recipe to a stage where it passes all parameters and is acceptable in taste, texture, and other characteristics; contains ingredients that are easily accessible for commercial production and is shelf stable and safe for consumers.
    • Commercially marketed products must meet the requirements of regulatory agencies and therefore, the original recipe may need to be modified to be acceptable for commercialization.
    • The Food Centre will draft up a Product Development Contract outlining the specifics to the project and the services required. Our food scientists will work closely with you to perfect your formulation before it goes to production.
  • Extrusion Technology
    • The Food Centre can explore new opportunities in value added processing through our twin screw extruder. The diversity of extrusion technology will expand the Food Centre's capabilities in value added production and utilization of agriculture based products such as cereals, pulses, and proteins. In addition, other sectors such as the bio-fuels and feed industries can explore opportunities to further advance byproduct utilization and the development of bioplastics. With this new service, the Food Centre will provide a commercialization stream to develop and test market a variety of products from consumer foods to ingredients and biodegradable biopolymers.
  • Interim Processing: Commercial Kitchen & Pilot Plant
    • The Food Centre has two interim processing facilities available to food processors of all sectors and sizes. Entrepreneurs who want to test market a product locally or larger sized processors accessing markets outside of Saskatchewan can access one of two processing facilities at the Food Centre.
    • The Food Centre’s “proof of concept” type facility allows for evaluation of market acceptance before investing in expensive equipment or a facility. In addition, clients have access to technical expertise that will guide them in the right direction for their food processing business.
  • Technology transfer
    • Sometimes it is difficult for small to medium sized companies to keep up with modern processing technology and remain competitive in the market. Smaller processors can’t afford or don’t know where to obtain the right technology. The Food Centre can help you save money and time by evaluating your technology needs and transferring or customizing existing technology to suit your requirements. Our wide network in food science and technology gives us access to current technology and processes that small to medium processors might not otherwise have access to.
  • Quality Assurance
    • The Food Centre can support food processors to develop their own quality assurance programs appropriate to their food processing. Food Centre staff can help processors implement at minimum Good Manufacturing Practices to the more advanced HACCP system. We can also provide QA support to your products with our in-house laboratory services including nutritional and microbiological testing.
  • Training
    • To ensure Saskatchewan food processors are well equipped to compete in the marketplace, the Food Centre offers workshops, onsite HACCP assistance, food safety system development and online training. Experienced staff from the Food Centre are able to provide guidance to food processors in the development and implementation of quality assurance programs, HACCP systems, GMPs and other food safety programs in their operations.


Commercial Kitchen (CK): is public health inspected, where products manufactured in the CK can be sold within Saskatchewan and may be sold out of province (unless the product is regulated by CFIA). The CK is equipped to manufacture a variety of products and can customize a process for your product.

Federal Processing Pilot Plant Facility: Innovative products can be manufactured for test marketing or market penetration at our state-of-the-art facility. The pilot plant can be used as an interim processing facility for meat, dairy, and processed foods. The facility’s federal inspection status can provide processors with new export capabilities. The Pilot Plant is fully equipped to manufacture products from all sectors and operates under the HACCP system to ensure that all foods processed in the facility are of the highest standard and recognized as a premium product.


Organic certified
CFIA registered pilot plant for meat, dairy, processed foods.
Utilizes HACCP programs
Saskatchewan Department of Public Health (commercial kitchen)

One stop shop for Canada's food and bio-products industry.