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Food Development Centre

Contact Information

Food Development Centre (FDC)
810 Phillips St.
Portage la Prairie, MB
Phone: (204) 239-3150
Toll-Free: (800) 870-1044
Fax: (204) 239-3180


The Food Development Centre can help steer a product through every stage of development, from initial research through product testing and scale-up, to marketing. Our scientists and food engineers can help you achieve high standards of food safety, quality and efficiency as you develop and modify products. The Food Development Centre can help you evaluate the consumer appeal and safety of your product using trained professionals and unbiased panelists.

You have the ideas and opportunities. We have the equipment, expertise and industry links to turn those ideas into success stories. Together, we can transform your food product ideas into market winners. It all begins at the Food Development Centre your one-stop location for innovative research and food product development.

Core services

  • Product Development/Process Development
    • Our Product & Process Development (PPD) consultants work with clients to prepare products for commercial marketing that meet the demands of consumers in the retail or foodservice market. Once developed, clients may choose to rent our pilot plant facility to manufacture test market productions.
    • Services include feasibility studies, process design and optimization, process troubleshooting, and equipment selection, design and evaluation. Process Development staff work closely with the client and Product Development consultants to achieve a consistent and high quality scaled-up commercial product.
  • Food Safety & Regulatory support
    • The Regulatory Affairs/HACCP Coordinator at FDC works with staff and clients to achieve full recognition with legislative requirements for processing plants.  All products developed at FDC are manufactured in recognition with all regulatory conditions of the pilot plant licenses and registrations. FDC offers HACCP services to external production facilities for companies requiring assistance with the design, implementation and training for their own HACCP and prerequisite programs.
  • Sensory evaluation and shelf-life testing
    • In consultation with the client the consultant prepares the product storage parameters and confirms that all attributes important to the client are considered for the product.
  • Nutrition labeling
    • FDC uses a nutritional labelling software program, Genesis™ & D SQL, which includes a database of 26,000 entries of foods and food items from a variety of groups, including specialty items, fast foods, frozen foods, and more. Labels can be made for both the United States and Canada. The Genesis™ program can also be used for product formulation to achieve nutrient content claims. (i.e. low fat, low sodium) or used to formulate products to achieve prerequisite nutrient levels for any of the five health claims.
  • Education, training and library services
  • Off-site plant trouble shooting


  • Pilot Plant: FDC’s pilot plant is a superbly equipped facility where clients manufacture agriculture based products for research purposes, test markets and commercial distribution. Renting the pilot plant and appropriate in-house technology helps to overcome operational difficulties inherent in the scale-up process, providing critical knowledge before making equipment expenditures. The client also becomes more skilled at projecting processing costs, which is vital information for a successful product launch or for proceeding with major capital acquisitions. Product-specific HACCP plans are been designed and implemented for each development project.
  • Liquid Food Processing Specialization: Clients of the FDC have access to Ultra High Temperature (UHT) pasteurization coupled with Tetra-Brik™ packaging, allowing for the development and processing of a wide range of viscous products, such as soups, drinks, milkshakes, and more. Access to this processing is done in partnership with Great Plains Aseptic processing (GPAP).


CFIA registered pilot plant (fruit, vegetable, honey and meat)
Helath Canada license for hemp, including grain oil, flour, protein, beverage and butter
Certified organic for off-farm processing through Organic Producers of Manitoba

One stop shop for Canada's food and bio-products industry.