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Ceapro PEI is a branch of Ceapro Inc., based in Alberta, and has had a laboratory operating on Prince Edward Island for nearly two years. They have been producing beta-glucan and other therapeutic ingredients from oats for the past fifteen years. Unlike other oat beta-glucans of high molecular weight (800-1500 kDa), CP oat betaglucan has been shown to effectively penetrate into the skin. 

Ceapro's proprietary extraction and formulation technologies produce a liquid beta-glucan for use in nutraceuticals, personal care products, and pharmaceutical applications. Ceapro has now succeeded in making beta-glucan in dried form at BIO|FOOD|TECH's pilot plant in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. This new dehydrated beta-glucan is an improvement over the liquid beta-glucan now used because it is preservative-free, will have a long shelf-life, and is very light in weight to transport. 

Process data obtained though studies will allow
Ceapro to determine the economic viability of this novel and innovative process. The extraction vessel that was used to produce the dehydrated beta-glucan is unique and some of its parts were tailor-made specifically for Ceapro's beta-glucan process. The vessel uses recycled carbon dioxide and is very environmentally friendly. Bernhard Seifried of Ceapro noted in a CBC Compass interview that, "We wouldn't have been able to perform this pilot scale production anywhere else in Canada". BIO|FOOD|TECH was pleased to be contracted for the $40,000 project and is looking forward to further project work with Ceapro.

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