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POS Helps DSG Go Green

DSG Goes Green

Diesel Services Group (DSG Canada) of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is a company that does “all things diesel”. It has developed a line of custom designed bio-additives for diesel fuel. One new lubricant, BioArmor, was developed with the support of POS Corp. It is manufactured from Canadian-grown vegetable oils. It burns cleaner than petrochemical diesel fuel and offers superior lubrication and cleaning to reduce engine wear and improve overall performance.

“Lubricity is just one issue for Canadian diesel fuel,” says Brett Jenson, Business and Market Development at DSG. “With the declining quality of Canadian diesel fuel, and with environmental protocols coming into effect, there are other issues such as lower cetane, water in the fuel, gumming, etc.” Now we’ve added BioArmor to our full line of diesel fuel additives so that together, our products deal with all of these critical issues and offer a “green”, more effective solution.”

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