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FOODTECH Canada is a network of leading innovation and commercialization Centres from across Canada, committed to turning research and development into innovative products for the food and bio-products industry.

FOODTECH's members work with over 1000 companies each year, to produce leading edge products, in the food, feed, natural health products and bio-product areas. The network provides a single, integrated, collaborative access point to deliver innovation and commercialization to Canada’s food sector. Through the network, we are able to leverage resources at each centre, and add significant value through access to a canada-wide network of expertise. This gives industry access to integrated research and analytical services, product and process development, small- and large-scale processing equipment, manufacturing facilities, training, and other business and regulatory supports. In short, the FOODTECH network puts world-class technology, expertise and infrastructure at your door step.


“We are leaders in innovation and commercialization of food and related products, leveraging the combined resources of technology centres across Canada. The network's collaborative efforts in communication, industry outreach, technology sourcing and commercialization will become recognized globally. This network will significantly contribute to the growth and competitive evolution of Canada’s value added sector.”


“FOODTECH Canada is a source of competitive advantage for Canada’s food and bio-products industry. We are advocates for innovation and commercialization “best practices”. We strive to efficiently assist industry in the profitable commercialization of value added products. We are an industry portal for technology transfer, product and process development, education and business linkages.”

A True Network

Our promise: To be the globally recognized “technology commercialization” provider of choice and the food industry's principal source of food and bio-technology expertise coast-to-coast.

Our people: Our network provides access to over 100 dedicated, experienced and highly qualified professionals with a vast array of food and bio-product & processing expertise. As well, many centres offer highly qualified trainers as well as business and regulatory specialists. Search our database to find the right person for your needs.

Our partners: Delivering relevant, novel products and processes through strategic partnerships between research organizations, universities and other business networks, to help relay cutting edge food research into private sector opportunities.

Who we work with

  • Producers and Processors: our work supports the people and companies to take Canada's natural resources and turn them into highly valued products that consumers are looking for at their grocery stores and restaurants.
  • Natural Health: We support producers and processors in their quest to extract functional components that are found in many of Canada’s natural agri- and marine-based raw materials, and turn them into healthful foods and ingredients.
  • By-products: many of our member centres help industry to transform by-products and waste products to uncover products with value.

Board of Directors

FOODTECH’s board of directors includes representation from each of the network’s member centres.


Support for FOODTECH Canada has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Advancing Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food (ACAAF) program, with contributions from the Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan, the Agriculture & Food Council of Alberta and the PEI ADAPT Council.

One stop shop for Canada's food and bio-products industry.