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Health Claim Roadmap

Archived webcast


Recently, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada established the Food Regulatory Issues Division (FRID) to provide information and guidance to industry on food policy and regulatory issues, with regard to innovative foods with health benefits. Now, FRID has unveiled the Canadian Food Health Claim Roadmap – a new tool to help companies choose options, with respect to health and diet claims for their food and ingredient products. Management Tool (Part 2 - Case Study), involved a case study about a “smoothie” beverage product.



They have broadcast this Roadmap through a series of two webcasts. The first was A Business Management Tool: Part 1 (An overview).  Also available on the site are PDF copies of the slide presentation, the Nutrient Claim/Health Claim flow chart,and the draft Roadmap. Each of these has several references and links to appropriate regulations (such as CFIA Guide to Nutrition Labelling, etc). The second webcast: Canadian Food Health Claim Roadmap: A Business

The link for the archived webcasts can be found on the AAFC website Click on this link and go to the left hand menu under Food Policy and Regulatory Issues All webcasts are archived under Events. Click on the link for the webcast you want to view, this will take you to the registration page. Participants need to register for the event first if they have not already done to access the webcast and the associated resource materials.   Once registered, participants will be able to access the webcast directly. The reference material is available for download under the heading "Related resources" on the webcast launch page. The "Launch Presentation" icon can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the same page.

If you would like more information about the role of the Food Regulatory Issues Division, please visit our website or contact us again if you have any further questions.


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